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Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Sevierville


Bond Reduction

DUI/DWI & Drug Cases

DUI, DWI and drug cases can carry serious consequences. Don’t risk your freedom or finances by selecting a subpar lawyer. Depend on the seasoned legal team at The Law Offices of Andrew Farmer to protect your rights.

Theft & Robbery

At The Law Offices of Andrew Farmer, we have built a reputation on effective representation and outstanding legal expertise. If you are being investigated or charged, we will represent you. Contact us today for more information on our quality legal services.

Misdemeanor Crimes

Misdemeanor convictions can carry heavy fines and, in the worst cases, include jail time. Our attorneys at The Law Offices of Andrew Farmer want to provide you with a successful outcome in your most difficult cases. We work with you to develop a plan for effectively representing you against misdemeanor charges. Contact us today.

Juvenile Crimes

Crimes committed as a juvenile have the potential to affect the lives of said offenders forever. It’s important that young adults retain an experienced expert to explain their rights and options. At The Law Offices of Andrew Farmer, we provide our clients with aggressive representation with the intent of providing a successful defense against felony and misdemeanor charges.

Other Serious Felonies

Convicted felons suffer many penalties for their actions. If you are being investigated or charged, you need to hire an experienced and aggressive attorney to represent you against serious allegations. At The Law Offices of Andrew Farmer, we go the extra mile to protect your future and reputation. Contact us to resolve your criminal law matters.

Internet Crimes

The nature of the Internet has created a complex set of circumstances in the legal system. The Law Offices of Andrew Farmer provides legal representation and counsel for victims of identity theft, scams, cyberstalking and everything in between. Contact us today to resolve your legal matters.